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You start with the MindsEye "kernel", this is the place where you can go to all the major parts of the program. It is also the visible connection to the more hidden core of the program.

The main purpose of the "console" is to give you feedback from all of the different components. You will see debug messages as well as other system information. It can also be used to give some simple commands to the MindsEye kernel.

At the hart of the modeling tools is the "viewport manager". This tool can be inherited by other modules to create an editor or something like it. The animation modeler also uses this viewport manager.

This is our main modeling tool. It uses the viewport layout manager to produce it's views and a lot of plugins to do it's modeling work.

Here you see the basis of the "animation module", the look you see here is basicly the same for the actual 3d modeler. It uses the viewport manager as described above.

MindsEye uses an Object Oriented view on 3-dimensional data. With this tool you can directly access the object oriented data in it's purest format. You can uses it for example to change dependencies of objects.

MindsEye also incorporates a "materials editor" Here you see the start of this editor.

Here you see a first view of the animation viewer which you can use to see the final rendering work.

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