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For MS-DOS, MS-Windows, and UNIX-workstations a number of excellent Modeling and Animation packages exist. To name just a few of the leading packages:

  • 3d-studio
  • 3ds-Max
  • LightWave
  • SoftImage
  • Alias|Wavefront Poweranimator and Maya

These are all very professional Animation/Modeling packages. The problem is price. It is about time that a cheap (Free actually under the GPL terms ) package was developed. This is the MindsEye project. The aim is a complete modeling/animation package for the GNU/Linux operating system. Another goal is to combine forces when it comes down to 3d programming. There currently exist a number of specialised packages, which can do specific 3d-tasks. The idea here is to create a total package which can be configured to do all the major 3d-tasks you need. It is supposed to run on any X Window system currently available.

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