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April 1 2001:

MindsEye version 0.5.37 released !

After almost two years of only cvs snapshots we're happy to announce the first version to be released by the new MindsEye team.

Version 0.5.37 benefits:

  • Uses Qt 2.2 or higher.
  • Significantly more stable then version 0.5.36.
  • Better class documentation using doxygen.
  • Cleaner 2d shaper widget.

You can get it from our download page.

Don't be afraid of the release date...

Questions and commments regarding this release should be directed to Kai Wetzel or to the development mailing list.


March 22 2001:

New MindsEye pages go online !

Paying respect to the fact that the MindsEye software is not ready for end-users, yet, I replaced the cool and graphics-rich project homepage with a page centered around content. This will allow us to update it more frequently so potential developers always get the latest information.

The page style is kept simple so the new maintainer will have an easy time introducing his/her own style.

I hope the "to be done"-pages will be replaced, soon.

Questions and commments on the homepage should be directed to Kai Wetzel for now.


February 10 2001:

CVS snapshot cvs20010210 released

After a long time a new CVS snapshot of the MindsEye modeling and animation software is available. In this release the most severe bugs are gone. You can get it from our download page.


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