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  What's special about MindsEye ?  

  • Modular design, anything can be added or changed.
  • Multi-scene/user concept, This basically means RCS for worlds. In the not so near future people will want to be working on large scenes with more than one person at the same time.
  • Kernel-system view instead of Modeler-system view, This part is the toughest one to explain. Think of a small program that is aware of things like a modeler or a materials editor. It does not know how they work but it can manage it and run them. These things like a materials editor are what we call a module. A module is also a flexible system in that it can use plugins. Where a module has a lot of general code, a plugin is designed for a specific task. Modules are basically finite we have defined a certain number of them.
  • Object oriented modeling design. The data-structure we use is a OO one. So you can inherit from a sphere and refine it or change it.
  • Network support in a MindsEye-kernel way. We have a module called "Network" which can tie several MindsEye kernels together and make them behave like one big program. When you are installing a MindsEye system then all you have to do is install the kernel and add the features that you want on that station. It could be part of a render farm or it could be a modeling console, whatever.

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